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Air handlers

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Air handlers, or air handling units (AHUs), are great additions to industrial, commercial or even larger-scale residential HVAC systems. Often looking like large metal boxes, air handlers contain heating, cooling, ventilation and filtration components that control air temperature, quality and distribution.

An air handling unit can optimize the circulation, breathability and temperature of a building’s air supply to increase the comfort and productivity of the people in it. If you have air handling needs in North Texas, call Shirley Air today so we can provide you with the assistance you need to get and set up an AHU. We have the technical knowledge and experience to help you determine what type of air handler fits your infrastructure and we can provide the manpower needed for a fast and smooth installation process.

Industrial facilities typically require a full-scale air handling solution to keep temperature, humidity and air quality stable. Air handlers can also manage the discharge and return of the air within a building and outside of it. Smaller commercial and residential buildings can sometimes be fitted with air handlers that don’t require a direct installation on your ductwork. These smaller air handlers are called terminal units and they can do the job for a relatively small space with just a coil, a filter and a blower.

Call Shirley Air today for immediate help on acquiring and installing an AHU for your building. We make it a priority to get you the best prices with the shortest delivery times possible. We take care of the installation and we offer maintenance services to make sure that your unit is always in top shape. Our staff is standing by, so dial our number or drop us a line via email today to get your air handling unit up and running in the soonest possible time.