Air Conditioning Maintenance in Dallas, TX

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Air Conditioning Maintenance 

Dirty, poorly maintained air conditioning units can be huge money wasters for residential and commercial buildings alike. Neglected cooling systems tend to run inefficiently,  and this can cause longer cooling times and heavier power consumption. An AC unit’s condenser coils can get covered in dirt and debris without regular cleaning and maintenance. As these cooling systems work harder to meet your cooling demands, they can break faster than usual and their service lifespans are significantly shortened. Contact Shirley Air, and we will inspect your HVAC system for free and provide you with a free estimate before beginning any cleaning or repair work.

The US Department of Energy recommends regular and proper maintenance to keep your AC units in top condition. A clean and well-kept cooling system can save up to 15% on electric bills and even more money on preempted repair and replacement spending. Maintenance also keeps indoor air quality high, making your home or office a healthier place for everyone in it.

a thick layer of debris built up around the outside of an air conditioning unit

If you don’t have the time or the know-how to do your own air conditioning maintenance work, call Shirley Air. We are the premier service provider of HVAC services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. With our knowledge, equipment and field experience, we guarantee that your AC units will stay in top form when you place them under our care. We have extensive knowledge on best practices for maintaining air conditioning units made by just about any manufacturer. We do cleaning, internal inspection and part replacements as needed to ensure your system’s high performance and maximum longevity.

AC Unit Maintenance Process

Shirley Air follows a rigid procedure when performing maintenance work on an AC unit. To ensure that everything is clean and working properly, we take the following steps:

  1. Filter Cleaning/Replacement – An AC unit’s filter keeps dirt and debris out while allowing air to pass. Over time, it will accumulate a lot of particles and this will restrict airflow. We make sure to clean or replace the filter depending on what’s more appropriate. Some brands have reusable filters while others recommend full replacement from time to time.
  2. AC Unit Coil Cleaning – Dirt and debris can also get to your unit’s evaporator and condenser coils, covering them and diminishing their ability to absorb heat from the air that passes. We will make sure to inspect the coils and clean them to be sure they serve their functions as efficiently as possible.
  3. Coil Fin Straightening – AC unit coils have aluminum fins that can bend out of position over the years. When this happens, airflow can be obstructed and cooling efficiency can decline. We’ve got the tools to straighten coil fins out and make them work like new.
  4. Refrigerant Inspection – The refrigerant substances in your unit are vital for lowering air temperature as it passes. These can leak or run out, so we make it a point to check, refill or repair them when necessary.
  5. Window Seal Check – For smaller, window type air conditioners, we make sure cool air isn’t leaking out through the spaces between the windows and the unit’s frame. Air sealing should already have been applied to restrict airflow from the indoors to the outside, but the material can grow thin or fall out over time. We’ll reinforce the air sealing material as needed to improve room insulation.
  6. Condensate Drain Clearing – Dirt and debris can restrict the outward passage of unwanted water from your AC unit. When this happens, the cool air that the AC gives off becomes more humid. Indoor moisture can discolor walls and floors. It can also become a source of nourishment for bacteria and fungi.

Affordable Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Don’t let the hassle of doing your own air conditioning maintenance stop you from keeping your unit in good shape. Call Shirley Air for effective and affordable air conditioning maintenance services in North Texas. Our staff is standing by to take your call and answer any questions you may have. You may also send us your inquiries through our Contact Us page. We are your partner in air quality and energy efficiency, so try Shirley Air's services now. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.