Air Duct Cleaning Richardson, TX Job

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We completed an air duct cleaning in Richardson, TX a few weeks ago. The homeowner called to ask about this service since she has been suffering from allergies and headaches and was hoping for relief from her symptoms.

Daniel was the technician dispatched to the house. He took some “before” and “after” photos of the air ducts, with the owner’s permission. The lady of the house was quite shocked to see the amount of dust and debris collected in her duct system. In fact, she did not realize that she, along with her family, were all breathing this recirculating dusty air day in and day out.

Our technician performed a thorough air duct cleaning and took another photo after the job was done. This photo showed clean air ducts, free of dust and other airborne particles. Again, the homeowner was impressed, this time for the better.

We followed up with the homeowner a few days after our visit to see if the air duct cleaning produced any noticeable results and were pleased to hear that in her case, she experienced dramatic relief.

visible buildup of dust, hair, and thick particles within the air ductthe smooth, clean, reflective surface of a clean air duct

We do want to caution that although air duct cleaning produces noticeable beneficial results in many customers, outcome varies among individuals and depends on their specific health situations.