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Evaporative cooling appliances are great for warm weather areas where the air is dry. While they can’t match the cooling power of an average air conditioning unit, evaporative coolers are much more nature friendly and they cost less to purchase up front.

If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and you have light cooling needs that don’t warrant the purchase and installation of an AC unit, consider evaporative cooling solutions from Shirley Air. We have a great selection of evaporative coolers and we can help you determine whether or not they’re right for your household.

How Evaporative Cooling Works

Evaporative cooling is one of the most basic concepts in the science of lowering air temperature. Water can take heat energy away from air when there’s direct physical contact between the two. When air passes through water, it loses energy and cools down while water absorbs the heat and turns into vapor. While water molecules turn into gas and float in the air, they still hold the heat energy in a latent form, resulting in a space like a room gradually cooling down and getting more comfortable.

The most basic example of evaporative cooling would be the sweating mechanism in a human body. As our body temperatures rise, our sweat glands secrete water. The water then evaporates and takes away some of the heat on our skin with it. The rate of evaporation varies depending on factors such as the air temperature and its humidity, but the principle is the same and so is the result.

In ancient Egypt, pharaohs were noted to have had servants fanning them with jars of cold water in between the fan and the pharaohs’ throne. As the servants fan, moving air passes on top of the jar and evaporates some of the water. This results in cooler air going to the pharaoh, which must have been a relief during very hot days in North Africa.

Modern evaporative coolers (sometimes called air coolers or swamp coolers) work the same way. We load them up with cold water which is circulated into a cooling pad inside. A fan blows air past the cooling pad and what comes out is cooler air that’s more humid than the rest of the air in the room. North Texas can be very dry during the summer, so you can use that added humidity to cool down your rooms and prevent the build-up of static electricity.

Unlike typical air conditioners, evaporative coolers do not require as much electricity and they don’t use refrigerants to cool the air. This makes them more nature friendly and they end up costing less to operate with the power bill savings that they provide.

Interested in evaporative cooling? Let us know by calling us today or sending us an email via our Contact Us page. We’ve got friendly people waiting to answer your call. They can help you determine whether or not evaporative cooling is a good fit for your property and they can give you a quote to get you started. For all your cooling needs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Shirley Air is the name to trust.