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Geothermal heating is one of the best ways to provide warmth to your building during the colder months of the year. It’s effective, reliable, non-polluting and best of all, its energy source is free. As you may guess, geothermal heating draws its power from naturally-occurring heat underground. While the topsoil in your area may be covered in snow during the winter, temperatures stay constantly warm just several feet below. A geothermal heating system extracts that heat from underground and brings it to the surface where it can be put to good use.

If you’re looking for a clean and efficient heating solution in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, call Shirley Air. We have the expertise and equipment necessary for determining if geothermal heating is a good fit for your building’s needs. If the situation is ideal, we can offer you a geothermal heating system that meets your requirements and we’ll provide you the installation support that you need to make sure your system works right.

A geothermal heater, sometimes called a geothermal heat pump, works by using a heat exchanger that circulates a refrigerant fluid between the system and the ground below. Refrigerants absorb and lose heat quickly. As such, they’re great for transporting heat energy from one place to another.

During winter, refrigerants stay cool as long as they’re on the surface. As they move underground, they absorb a lot of heat. Following the circulation pattern, refrigerants are later brought back in their warm state to the surface. A fan then runs cold air into the warm refrigerant, facilitating heat transfer and warming up the air in the process. The refrigerant again cools down, circulates underground and the cycle repeats itself. Studies have shown that geothermal heating systems can hit efficiency ratings of 300-600 percent. That’s much higher than what any gas, electric or firewood-powered heater can bring to the table.

Geothermal heating requires a larger investment up front when compared to traditional residential or commercial heating solutions. However, the resulting energy savings allow these systems to pay for themselves in five to ten years. When you consider the fact that geothermal heaters last 25-50 years in service, you’re looking at a more cost-effective way to warm your building in the long haul.

Take your first big step towards a greener and more cost-effective home or workplace. Call Shirley Air today and get friendly assistance and spot-on advice from our staff. Our geothermal heating experts are ready to drive to your place anytime for a free evaluation and cost estimate. If you prefer to inquire via email, please see our Contact Us page and drop us a line. Remember, for all your HVAC needs in Dallas-Fort Worth, Shirley Air is the name to trust.