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In the HVAC parlance, radiant heating refers to the technology that’s used to warm up people and objects using radiant heat. It has both indoor and outdoor applications and is considered a viable alternative to traditional convection-based heating solutions.

While it may sound new and high tech, radiant heating has actually been around for thousands of years. Ancient Romans used hypocaust (underfloor) heating methods to warm up houses with hot air from underneath. The floors gave off heat which spread throughout the room without traveling through air or solid objects.

These days, radiant heating no longer requires burning solid fuels or boiling water under the floors. We use infrared emitters embedded in floors, walls, or overhead appliances to directly warm up people and furnishings within a given space.

The Advantages of Radiant Heaters

Radiant heaters offer some unique value points that their traditional gas, firewood and electric counterparts don’t bring to the table, Here are a few of them:

  • Space saving – Since the infrared emitters are hidden within your floors or walls, you won’t have to plan where to position a big appliance like a furnace or a fireplace. This is great for people who live in apartments or condos where every square foot matters.
  • Energy efficiency – Infrared emitters can consume less electricity than electric and gas heaters because they don’t have to work as hard in getting heat to people’s bodies. Convection heaters operate by infusing air with heat and circulating it to warm up people and objects in a room. Radiant heaters ignore air altogether and travels in waves directly to solid objects. By cutting the heat transfer medium (air), less energy is consumed, resulting in bigger savings for you.
  • Outdoor use – No other type of heating solution can rival a radiant heaters outdoor functionality. While it would look foolish to take a furnace outside in lower temperatures, a radiant heater will do just fine in your porch during the fall or winter. It doesn’t have flames, so wind doesn’t bother it either. It can just stand in place and warm up people within its designated radius.
  • Limited spread of debris – Because radiant heaters don’t need air to distribute heat, they don’t have fans that suck in and blow out air across a room. This means less dust, dirt, microbes and fungus spores drift around your property to irritate people and dirty up furnishings.
  • Silence – Radiant heaters don’t have fans and other moving parts. This means they let you enjoy warmth without contributing to indoor noise pollution.
  • Environment-friendly – Unlike solid fuel heaters and gas-powered heaters, radiant heaters don’t give off smoke, soot and other gases that may be harmful to the environment and to human health. This makes it safer for home use and it contributes to lowering the amount of greenhouse emissions in the atmosphere.

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