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Solar energy is the cleanest, safest and most abundant power source in the entire solar system. It’s free, it doesn’t pollute, and when harnessed properly, it can be just as potent as gas, electricity and coal. In the past 30 years, scientists and industrialists have developed technologies that are capable of channeling the sun’s energy into viable heating solutions. These solutions are now being used for homes and businesses in various locations across 30 different nations around the world.

If you want to provide heat to your home or workplace that doesn’t add to your energy bills and doesn’t take an environmental toll, contact Shirley Air to get expert advice on the possibility of installing a solar-powered heater on your North Texas property. We’ve got the knowledge, equipment and experience to determine whether or not solar heating is a good fit for your needs. If the conditions are ideal, we’re the best service provider for the installation and periodic maintenance of your sun-powered heat source.

How Solar Heaters Work

Different air heating technologies use different methods to warm up the air that passes through them. The core principles, however, remain fundamentally the same. The solar heater is positioned in a spot where it’s exposed to direct sunlight. Photovoltaic cells convert the sun’s energy into electricity which powers a fan. The fan draws air into the solar heater’s body where it passes through sun-heated solar collectors. The contact between the collectors and the air facilitates heat transfer, allowing air to come out warmer than the rest of the air in the room.

Less sunlight, of course, means less solar power to go around. That also means that solar heaters cannot work in places where there’s not much sunlight to go around. In the case of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, that’s not a problem. Northern Texas receives a generous amount of sunshine almost all year round, making it a great place to use solar powered heaters to replace gas, electric and firewood furnaces.

Skeptics may point to the fact that solar heaters are more expensive than electric, gas and solid fuel heaters but that’s only true when you’re looking at the costs up front. Solar heaters have a very low upkeep cost. Their fuel is free and maintenance is minimal. When you compare that to rising fuel and electric prices, plus heavier maintenance costs for traditional furnaces, it’s an easy win for the solar camp in the long run.

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Enter a new world of comfort, energy efficiency and environmental responsibility when you opt for a solar heater in your home or workplace. Call or email Shirley Air today and get insightful answers to any HVAC-related questions you may have. We provide free inspections and detailed cost estimates to give you the clearest picture possible on what we can do for you. We offer solar heaters, installation services and maintenance work that will ensure your successful foray into solar power usage. Visit our Contact Us page and get in touch now!