Solid Fuel Heaters in Dallas-Fort Worth

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Solid fuel heaters are traditional area heating solutions that use either firewood or charcoal briquettes. These were very popular from ancient times to the first half of the 20th century, but most households and commercial facilities have since switched to gas and electric heaters due to their safety and practicality.

These days, solid fuel heaters are still used by people who like their old-style, rustic appeal. Burning firewood also tends to give off a distinct smell that creates a unique ambiance. If you prefer solid fuel heaters over their more modern counterparts, call Shirley Air for consulting and installation services.

Shirley Air is the premier HVAC service provider in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our core competencies include determining the best heating solution for your home or workplace, installing it properly and maintaining it over the years to improve its energy efficiency and service lifespan. If you want a solid fuel heater installed or you already have one and you just need cleaning and repairs, feel free to call us anytime and we’ll drive right over to your place to help you out.

Our professional and knowledgeable staff is standing by to talk to you and answer your questions. If you have an emergency repair need, we have technicians who can be deployed on short notice to go right to your site. If you prefer to inquire via email, visit our contact us page and drop us a line. Remember, if you need heating, cooling and ventilation in your North Texas home or workplace, Shirley Air is the name to trust.