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Shirley Air residential technicians specialize in the installation of heating systems. We work with commercial buildings, single family homes, town homes, and condos. Our professional technicians can service both homes and commercial buildings for heating services throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We can repair your heating system to help improve efficiency. Call us today at 817-495-5280 for a FREE estimate and we will help calculate your cost savings analysis to see what are the best options for your particular situation.

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We understand the importance of maintaining a certain level of comfort in your home and/or business. Our commercial and residential heating technicians are available 24 hours for emergency service. Shirley Air is fast, reliable, and dedicated to providing the best commercial air conditioning service in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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What Types of Furnaces are There?

Central Warm-Air Furnace: A central warm-air furnace is a type of space-heating equipment in which a central combustion or resistance unit--generally using gas, fuel oil, or electricity--provides warm air that circulates through ducts leading to the various rooms.

  • forced-air furnace is one in which a fan is used to force the air through the ducts.
  • In a gravity furnace, air is circulated by gravity, relying on the natural flow of warm air up and cold air down; the warm air rises through ducts and the cold air falls through ducts that return it to the furnace to be reheated, thus completing the circulation cycle.

The furnace typically is divided into three primary components:

  • The burner (includes the heat exchanger, draft inducer and venting) - The flame originates at the burners and is drawn into the heat exchanger by the negative pressure produced by the draft inducer. The hot gasses produced by the combustion of the flame pass through the chambers of the heat exchanger and heat the metal walls of the heat exchanger. The gasses cool as they transfer the heat to the heat exchanger and are at about 120 degrees as they exit on a high efficiency furnace. The cooled gasses then enter the draft inducer blower and are pushed into the venting pipes. The exhaust gasses then are directed out of the house through the vent pipes.
  • The blower and air movement - The blower creates a negative pressure on the intake side which draws air into the duct work return air system and blows the air out through the heat exchanger and then into supply air duct work to distribute throughout the home.
  • Controls and Safety Devices - The controls include a gas valve, ignition control, ignitor, flame sensor, transformer, limit control, blower control board, and flame roll out switch. A limit control is a safety device that will open the electrical circuit to the ignition control and stop the gas flow if the furnace overheats. The flame roll out switch does the same thing if the flame was rolling out of the heat exchanger instead of being completely induced into it by the draft inducer.

Shirley Air can help you make the best decision on which a furnace maintenance service, or plan, is best for you.

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